Kennedy Rattlers Learn About the Dangers of Bullying

Students support anti-bullying at the Kennedy assembly.

Students and staff at Kennedy Middle School recently took time to discuss the issues of bullying and take the necessary steps to prevent bullying in their school.

As a part of the anti-bullying lesson, Kennedy Middle School participated in an assembly with the mother of Jaheem Herrara. Jaheem was an 11-year-old student, in Dekalb Public Schools, who took his own life in 2009 after several incidents of being bullied at school.

During the assembly, Jaheem’s mother, Mrs. Bermundez, spoke about the bullying incidents that led to her son’s death. As she described the emotional story tears fell from her face.

“Although my son was a victim and I miss him dearly, my assignment in life is now to share his story,” she explained. “I hope to motivate others to join in my fight against bullying to save someone from becoming another victim like my son.”

Mrs. Bermundez stressed to the students how harmful bullying can be and how much she misses her son.  She concluded the assembly with a short PowerPoint presentation that displayed pictures of Jaheem and identified definitions of bullying, triggers, signs, and preventive measures.

Following the presentation students were allowed to ask questions.  Many students had questions about how they could become advocates for students are being bullied. Following the question and answer session, Mrs. Bermudez handed out four shirts to students that displayed a picture of her son and the slogan, “Stop the Bullying. It Hurts”.  The students immediately put on the shirt to show their support against bullying.

After the presentation, students and staff greeted Mrs. Bermudez and embraced her with hugs and condolences for her loss.

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