Eight APS Educators Awarded $7,500 Grants from Atlanta Families’ Awards for Excellence in Education

Peter McKnight, principal of South Atlanta School of Law & Social Justice, was one of eight AFAEE Grant winners this week.

APS Superintendent Erroll Davis, Atlanta Falcons football players and Homer the Brave were among the many celebrities and officials who surprised eight outstanding educators in Atlanta Public Schools this week with grants from the Atlanta Families’ Awards for Excellence in Education (AFAEE).  The grants, $7,500 for each teacher or principal, will help fund innovative classroom projects that will improve students’ access to quality education.

The following educators were named 2012 AFAEE winners:

Vanessa Evans – KIPP STRIVE Academy, fifth grade teacher

Stephanie Jones – KIPP STRIVE Academy, fifth grade English language arts teacher

Erik Herndon – Young Middle School, eighth grade guitar

Dr. Evelyn Mobley – West End Academy, principal

Nicole Bartig – Sarah Smith Elementary School, kindergarten teacher

Brittany Beaumont – Springdale Park Elementary, first grade teacher

Bethany Paquette – Drew Charter School, third and fourth grade special education teacher

Peter McKnight – South Atlanta School of Law & Social Justice, principal


Since its inception in 2005, AFAEE has recognized outstanding teachers and school leaders for their commitment to excellence, while aiming to create a platform to further award winners’ success in APS, retain motivated educators and attract like-minded individuals to the district.  Each winner was awarded $7,500, which includes funding for a school project of the winner’s choice ($3,500), funding for a professional development opportunity to increase the winner’s effectiveness in the school or classroom ($1,500) and a personal stipend ($2,500).

“The opportunity to award these amazing educators is what drives our organization.  Their passion is contagious and their dedication to creating a brighter future for APS students is impossible to ignore,” said Prescott Miller, Board chair of AFAEE. “Our partners look forward to seeing the impact the winners’ projects will have on the lives of their students.”

AFAEE has raised more than $1,000,000.00 to recognize and honor highly effective APS Educators.

For more information or to nominate a teacher for the 2013 awards, visit www.atlantafamilies.org.

About the Atlanta Families’ Awards for Excellence in Education

The Atlanta Families’ Awards for Excellence in Education recognizes and honors outstanding educators in a manner that informs and engages the community. By recognizing excellent educators each year, the Atlanta Families’ Awards for Excellence in Education hopes to retain excellent teachers and school leaders, inspire other educators to transform their craft, and increase the public’s awareness of educator and student success across the district.

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  1. I don’t agree with the Atlanta Teachers Family Award the way it was handled. I don’t feel like the finalist got enough recognition for what they did to make it as a finalist. They were not given any real recognition at their school level to let the school know what they had done, I think to send something a letter to the person in the mail about them being a finalist is not professional. Some kind of recognition at the schools should have been done too. Simply because those persons worked hard too an are innovative teachers. I also think it would help too if they had been given some kind of feedback would help too. At this point It is very discouraging to them.
    To receive a monetary gift is not always that important. They also could have been invited to the reception or what ever takes place.
    These are my comments on this for what it worth.

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