Numbers, Fractions, and Division…Oh My!

Students at Continental Colony Elementary School recently celebrated the Fall season with a twist. After the October PTA meeting, students and parents participated in the school’s annual Math-O-Ween night.

“It’s kind of like Halloween, but with math,” explained Tijah Williams, a fifth grader at CCES. “So if you want candy you have to answer a math question.”

The overall purpose of the event is to increase parental engagement and share the math curriculum with parents. This year, teachers discussed the new math Common Core Georgia Standards with parents.

Atlanta Public Schools adopted Common Core Georgia Standards to provide our students with rigorous instructional programs that foster student success in school and life. To ensure that all students have greater opportunities and access to the careers of their choice, we needed an instructional framework that imparts the knowledge and skills most valued by employers and higher education. 

Students dressed up in their favorite costumes during the event and participated in a costume contest. Throughout the night students and parents were able to engage in different math-related activities that aligned with the Common Core Standards.

“It’s fun, it makes learning fun,” says Mary Aplin, a first grade teacher at CCES. “It’s a time for them to come out that’s outside of their normal environment, and they get to interact with different teachers as well, which is always fun for the students.”

Nikayo Coble,a first grade teacher at CCES, said she hopes parents were able to take away ideas for ways to incorporate math at home. “I think it’s important that parents know what’s going on inside of the classroom, and that they have a better understanding of what their children are learning,” she explained.

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