Carver High School is a top GivingPoint school

Ansley Colby, CEO of GivingPoint (left) Dr. Darian Jones, Principal of The New Schools at Carver HSR (right)

GivingPoint is a nationwide community-based youth development organization started in 2009 that inspires a passion for learning and service through cutting edge technology resources, virtual educational modules, and hands on volunteer opportunities.

Students at The New Schools at Carver have participated in GivingPoint to log their volunteer hours, compose projects, apply for grants which go towards school dues, proms, etc. and help the students network and make great scholastic, travel and professional connections. Students at Carver have traveled abroad and have started their own non-profit organizations through GivingPoint. The students are given a great opportunity to become young social entrepreneurs through logging in their community services hours and fundraising for community service projects they create with GivingPoint.

Ansley Colby, CEO of GivingPoint: “Through working with Dr. Darian Jones (Principal of Carver HSR) and through his leadership, GivingPoint is fully in partnership with Carver and the kids have done a great job of volunteering over 200 hours just in the last two months. I have to brag about Dr. Jones. GivingPoint was started three years ago. We attended a meeting in which we asked for the names of some principals who really cared about their students, who wanted to get their students more involved in the community and wanted to use GivingPoint to help their students develop their character, develop their civic resumes, and use their experiences to get into college. Dr. Jones was at the meeting and he immediately raised his hand and said ‘I want this. I want for my kids. We are going to do great things together with this.’ He truly, truly cares about these children and works with us to make sure they have great experiences through GivingPoint.”

Dr. Darian Jones, Principal Carver HSR: “GivingPoint is a great program. The thing I love about it is it really ties our kids into service oriented projects, which we know helps our students realize the value of doing good things for others before the reward comes to themselves. At Carver through GivingPoint, we go beyond the standard 75 hours required which is very powerful when we are applying for Gates and other scholarships. Our kids over the past three to four graduating classes have received a considerable amount of Gates Scholarships and it’s largely due to their community service hours and service learning hours.”

Nyaboke Manchini, Director at GivingPoint: “The kids at Carver are definitely my favorite. They are always ready for any community service. There are two gardens here that they have worked very hard on. They’ve helped coordinate, dig, plant, even when it was 100 degrees outside. So they are very helpful and they always love to get online, blog about their experiences, some have went to China and had great experiences. I just learned about a student who spent a year in Senegal. It’s amazing. These opportunities they have that I never had when I was in high school. They are just taking full advantage of them.”

  • Students who participated in service-learning activities in high school were 22% more likely to graduate from college than those who did not participate.
  • Research shows that students who participated in service-learning scored higher in reading and science achievement than students who didn’t participate in service-learning.
  • 77% of students in service-learning programs say that service-learning had a big effect on motivating them to work hard.

Congratulations on all the hard work, efforts and positive results from the students and faculty at The Carver High Schools and GivingPoint! 

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