Maynard Jackson’s New Principal Steps Into Office

Board of Education Member Brenda Muhammad, Principal Stephanie S. Johnson and Superintendent Erroll Davis

A fresh new start begins at Maynard Jackson High School with their new Principal, Stephanie S. Johnson, who officially began her leadership on November 1st. Mrs. Johnson is fully dedicated in serving the students and community members at Jackson High, and supporting the teachers and leaders to ensure student success. Her vision is to challenge Maynard Jackson to become an award school in a very short time.

Mrs. Johnson’s previous experience has led her to this new role with a desire to improve student performance in all areas at Maynard Jackson. She arrives at Jackson High with incredible experiences of advancing schools to higher standards. Under Mrs. Johnson’s leadership, Sequoyah Middle School made AYP consecutively for three years and moved from NI to Distinguished. Mrs. Johnson was promoted to Principal of Jonesboro High School, and Jonesboro High School made AYP for the first time since 2004.

As a new proud Principal of Maynard Jackson, Mrs. Johnson resets the school’s standards and shares her purpose, vision, and mission for the school year. Foremost, she drives for high performance from her students and educators in all areas. She wants to ensure that all teachers perform well under the new Teacher Keys evaluation system and are prepared for strategic, effective instruction. Her goal is for students to perform well under the new Common Core standards and achieve high results.  Her mission is to do everything possible to ensure that Maynard Jackson becomes an award school in all categories in CCRPI. “Ofcourse my vision is for Maynard Jackson to become the highest performing high school in all of Atlanta Public Schools,” she states.

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