The French Consulate General of Atlanta and The Carter Center visit Price Middle School

On November 1st, Ms. Shandal Sullivan from the Carter Center presented information on the topic “Making a Difference for Kids” which highlighted the efforts of the Carter Center in African countries.  Ms. Sullivan’s presentation covered health and social issues that are affecting people of French speaking African countries and what the Carter Center has done to make life better for the people of these countries.  She discussed the Guinea Worms and Traeoma (blindness) health problems and the efforts being taken to reduce the spread of these diseases.  The students saw pictures of how the people of these countries lived and were surprised that simple things were being done to prevent the spread of the diseases such as providing soap and water to wash hands, building latrines for people to use and to filtering the water people drink.

After the presentation, Ms. Sullivan answered questions about what she had seen in her work with the Peace Corp. Students asked questions about her time in Africa, where she has traveled because of her knowledge of the French language and why she chose to work with the Carter Center.

Price Middle School students are participating in France – Atlanta 2012 programs through our French classes.  Students for this school year are partnering with a school in Nancy-Metz France.  Our French students are interacting via email, Skype and other formats with students in our French sister school.

written by Tammy Rosado, Media Specialist, Price Middle School

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