APS Weekly Athletic Schedule for the Week of November 12th – November 17th

Date Teams Home Time Location Comments
Varsity Football
16-Nov Carver vs. TBD TBD 7:30PM Lakewood Stadium State Playoff Game
16-Nov Washington @ TBD TBD 7:30PM Grady Stadium State Playoff Game
16-Nov Grady @ TBD TBD 7:30PM Grady Stadium State Playoff Game
Varsity Basketball
12-Nov Washington B-G@ Douglass Douglass 5:30/7:30PM Douglass Pre-Season Game
13-Nov Mundys Mill B-G @ South Atlanta South Atlanta 5:30/7:30PM S. Atlanta Pre-Season Game
13-Nov Morrow B-G @ Carver Carver 5:30/7:30PM Carver Pre-Season Game
13-Nov Mt. Vernon Presyterian @ BEST-Boys Only BEST 6:00PM BEST Pre-Season Game
14-Nov N. Atlanta B-G vs.  Osborne N. Atlanta 5:30/7:30PM N. Atlanta Pre-Season Game
16-Nov Riverwood B-G@ N. Atlanta Riverwood 5:30/7:30PM Riverwood
16-Nov S. Atlanta Girls vs. Osborne Washington Tourney 4:00PM Washington High Thanksgiving Tourney
16-Nov CSK vs. Towers Washington Tourney 5:30PM Washington High Thanksgiving Tourney
16-Nov Washington Girls vs. Griffin Washington Tourney 7:00PM Washington High Thanksgiving Tourney
17-Nov Carver B-G@ Lakeside Lakeside 4:00/5:30PM Lakeside
17-Nov Mays B-G @ Langston Hughes Langston Hughes 4:00/5:30PM Langston Hughes
17-Nov Washington Boys vs. Mt. Zion Pebblebrook 6:00PM Pebblebrook High Thanksgiving Tourney
17-Nov Woodward Academy vs. N. Atlanta B-G Woodward Academy 4:00/5:30PM Woodward Academy
17-Nov Therrell Girls @ Thanksgiving Tourney Jefferson High TBD Jefferson High Thanksgiving Tourney
17-Nov Therrell Boys  Thanksgiving Tourney Jefferson High TBD Jefferson High Thanksgiving Tourney
Middle School Basketball
14-Nov Brown @ Bunche Bunche 5:00PM Bunche
14-Nov Heritage Academy @ Harper-Archer Harper-Archer 5:00PM Harper-Archer
14-Nov Inman @ Young Young 5:00PM Young
14-Nov Price @ Sutton Sutton 5:00PM Sutton
14-Nov BEST/CSK @ Coan Coan 5:00PM Coan
14-Nov Drew @ Sylvan Sylvan 5:00PM Sylvan
14-Nov Kennedy @ Long Long 5:00PM Long
14-Nov Parks @ King King 5:00PM King
17-Nov Brown @ Price Price 10:00AM Price
17-Nov Bunche @ Harper-Archer Harper-Archer 10:00AM Harper-Archer
17-Nov Heritage Academy @ Inman Inman 10:00AM Inman
17-Nov Sutton @ Young Young 10:00AM Young
17-Nov BEST/CSK @ Parks Parks 10:00AM Parks
17-Nov Drew @ Coan Coan 10:00AM Coan
17-Nov Sylvan @ Kennedy Kennedy 10:00AM Kennedy
17-Nov King @ Long Long 10:00AM Long
Junior Varsity Basketball
14-Nov Washington @ Mays Mays 5:30PM Mays
14-Nov CSK/BEST @ KIPP Academy KIPP Academy 5:30PM KIPP Academy
14-Nov Carver @ Grady Grady 5:30PM Grady
14-Nov South Atlanta @ Douglass Douglass 5:30PM Douglass
14-Nov N. Atlanta @ Jackson Jackson 5:30PM Crim High
17-Nov Mays @ Therrell Therrell 10:00AM Therrell
17-Nov N. Atlanta @ CSK/BEST CSK/BEST 10:00AM BEST
17-Nov Douglass @ Carver Carver 10:00AM Carver
17-Nov KIPP @ S. Atlanta S. Atlanta 10:00AM S. Atlanta
17-Nov Jackson @Washington Washington 10:00AM Washington
15-Nov N. Atlanta, Grady, CSK, Carver APS 5:30PM Washington Park
15-Nov Washington, Mays APS 5:30PM Washington Park
16-Nov Grady @ Troup Tiger Splash Troup 6:00PM Troup High
17-Nov N. Atlanta @ Kennesaw Mtn. Kennesaw Mtn. TBD Kennesaw Mtn.


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