2012 Atlanta Falcons 1st Down for Fitness MVP winner Ernesto Chavez at Price Middle School

Congratulations to Ernesto Chavez of Price Middle School for being selected as a 2012 Atlanta Falcons First Down for Fitness MVP.  Ernesto and ten other students out of over  52,000 in the program were selected from around the state of Georgia and Mexico based upon his conscious effort and commitment to eating healthy, staying active and demonstrating sportsmanship at Price Middle School.

Ernesto will be recognized on the field during the Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals pre-game on November 18th at 1 pm at the Georgia Dome. He plans to go to the game with his brothers.

Ernesto is an 8th grader who participates in football, soccer, and the IBM IGN.I.T.E. Technology Academy.  When he started playing football, he knew that he would need to eat well to stay in shape.  He runs with his brothers for exercise. Ernesto wants to one day play professional soccer in Barcelona, Spain.

Ms. Janice Johnson, art instructor and Atlanta Falcons fan, nominated Ernesto for this award. Congratulations Ernesto and cheer the Falcons on to victory!

written by Tammy Rosado, Media Specialist at Price Middle School

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  1. I heard bout him last time I saw him on video cam with Jenny jajjaj that was funny though cuz he kinda looked like a thug not to be mean but I saw him.

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