LP Miles Celebrates Literacy

Students read books at the “Book Swap” table during Literacy Night.

Students, teachers, and parents at LP Miles recently celebrated Literacy Week. The week promoted the importance of reading and encouraged the LP Miles community to share their love of literacy.

On Monday, Principal Christopher Estes,  read to students, and on Tuesday each class participated in a “Guess a Book” door contest. During the competition, each class decorated their classroom door with five clues from a book of their choice.

“This was a very important initiative for our school because we wanted our parents and students to get more involved with literacy,” Mr. Estes explained. “We also wanted to make this week fun and creative, to show that reading can be interesting and valuable in everyday life.”

Mr. Estes, Principal at Miles, reads a book to parents and students during Literacy Week.

On Wednesday teachers read a book of their choice to a homeroom class, and on Thursday students and teachers dressed up as their favorite book character.

Students also participated in a  “Reading Slogans” poster contest, where they designed creative posters featuring reading slogans and illustrations.

“It was a fun week, and it really taught everyone how important it is to read,” said Aaliyah Smith, a fifth grader at Miles.

The community was also invited to attend Literacy Night on Tuesday, November 13. At this event, families had the opportunity to learn how to incorporate literacy into the home, swap books and participate in literacy activities.

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