APS Leaders to Attend NPU-V, NPU-F and NPU-Z Meetings in November

Across APS, we are re-igniting our community outreach efforts.

We want to share the changes taking place in APS, highlight each community’s neighborhood school, build support for public education, and give parents and others an opportunity to offer us feedback. We want to reach all families, including those who may not be active users of electronic and online media. Therefore, we are re-engaging the city’s 25 neighborhood planning units (NPUs) and dozens of organizations that hold their meetings at community locations, such as local YMCAs, neighborhood recreation centers, faith-based sites and libraries, as well as our schools.

Please see the schedule of community re-engagement meetings for November. Community members who are interested in booking an APS leader for their event should contact External Affairs Manager Nicole Knighten at 404-802-2859.



Community Group

APS Leader



Nov. 19


Mr. Steve Smith

Pittman Park Recreation Center

7 p.m.

Nov. 19


Mr. David White

Hillside Facility

7 p.m.

Nov. 26


Ms. Karen Waldon

Rosel Fann Recreation Center

7 p.m.

Contact the Office of External Affairs at 404-802-2826 for more information.


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