Science Week at Burgess-Peterson Academy

Burgess-Peterson Academy hosted a science week for the first time during the last week of November.  Students were engaged in various experiments, active explorations, science projects and presentations on each day of the week. Zoo Atlanta, Big Thinkers, and Young Audiences were key partnerships for the success of this program.

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Science week started on Monday with a presentation by a magician/scientist to the entire student body. He fascinated the students by presenting a number of science concepts with a magical twist. On Tuesday, they held their annual one academic fair, where students presented their science projects to a panel of judges. There were several first-place winners and exciting projects that were related to solar energy and island creation.Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 1.41.23 PM

On Wednesday, families joined the students for a special science night with presentations by Zoo Atlanta and Big Thinkers. Students and parents enjoyed a night filled with exciting experiments, animals, dinner, and laughter. Zoo Atlanta brought a tortoise, rats, and a python, and explained where the animals live and what they eat. All the students were allowed to pet the snake after the presentation.Image 1

Big Thinkers conducted experiments related to matter, and aroused the students’ interest with interactive presentation using dry ice. “The Big Thinkers were really talented because they can do all kinds of experiments, and it really helps me learn a lot,” says Robert Adams, a 5th grader at Burgess-Peterson. The PTA also contributed by creating stations for the students to explore and interact with various science experiments.

Big Thinkers returned on Thursday with their science exploration on air pressure.  “My favorite experiment was the fog rings, because it blew out far to all the students and it was so cool,” says Matthew Clay, a 4th grader.  On Friday, Young Audiences wrapped up science week with several science concepts catering to the younger students from Pre-K to 2nd grade.

 “Science week at burgess has been an important opportunity for students to be exposed to a variety of science concepts that can be applicable in their everyday lives,” says science teacher, Lorraine McFadden.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this exciting venture into science at one of our elementary schools. This definitely can be shared across the district with the right support and timing.

    Thank you for highlighting an innovative, creative, and fun week of science.

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