APS 1st 2012 French Spelling Bee winner Price 8th grader Troytoria Wade

Mrs. Shamita Johnson – Price French teacher, Troytoria Wade, Principal Sterling Christy, Jr. – Price Middle School

Troytoria Wade, an eighth grade student at Price Middle School, was the winner of the Premier Concours d’Orthographe Française pour Les Collégiens which was held on Saturday, December 8, 2012 at Frederick Douglass High School. Miss Wade received a trophy and prizes including one hundred dollars ($100.00) that was funded by Kroger Corporation.

Troytoria’s teacher, Mrs. Shamita Johnson is to be congratulated for her dedication and sacrifice in helping her students prepare for the Spelling Bee. Mrs. Rose Johnson, a French teacher at Douglass High School, was a judge for the event.

The French Spelling Bee was created to promote and highlight academic achievement in world language study. A strong global economy is dependent upon people who can effectively communicate in a second language. The middle school students who competed in the event could possibly become the next generation of Americans who will represent our country around the world.

The Atlanta Public Schools is preparing its students for the increasing number of international business and service opportunities occurring in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. This event, and the others that follow, will celebrate our students’ success as they matriculate throughout high school.

 written by Mme Corendis C. Hardy, World Language Educator

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