Essay Contest Encourages Students at Kennedy to Achieve Academic Success


0_0_0_0_184_246_csupload_52777233The Logan Wilkes Foundation recently sponsored the “Tell Me Your Story” essay contest at Kennedy Middle School. Kennedy Middle School students were encouraged to formulate their essays as if they were describing their life story to a complete stranger.

The Logan Wilkes Foundation aims to educate, empower and enrich the lives of youth.  The foundation is founded by Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Wilkes and provides programs designed to produce a positive transitional growth for youth as they develop into young adults.  Kennedy Middle School is one of the foundation’s partnering schools in Atlanta Public Schools.

The purpose of this exercise was to help students enhance their descriptive essay writing skills and process their lives. Additionally, the essay contest aimed at helping students develop coping skills to better handle specific circumstances that could have a direct impact on the outcome of their academic success. 0_0_0_0_185_248_csupload_52777214

The overall goal and mission of the exercise was to provide a therapeutic experience for students and to encourage them by letting them know they are not alone. Students attended an assembly where guest speakers shared their life stories and discussed specific topics that were identified in the essays submitted for the contest. The speakers provided students with a  formula to assist them as they navigate through the many decisions and obstacles they will face in life—stop, think, and decide.

The essay contest results were announced immediately following the assembly, and in the end, Jasmyn Combs  and Kalveion Heard were recognized as the first place winners. Essay contest participants were also honored with a reception, complete with pizza and drinks.  During this time, students were able to address additional questions with the guest speakers.

10 thoughts on “Essay Contest Encourages Students at Kennedy to Achieve Academic Success

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  1. Good initiative for the students. Essay writing and composing is an effective invigorating brain activity that improves ones mental processing capacity and positively affects other areas of life liked with mental health and vigor.

  2. Great idea to let the students express themselves. I’m sure the students just realized that writing can be an outlet. I look forward to more positive things from the Logan Wilkes Foundation.

  3. Also want to thank the BornIIwin partnership that provided the students with profound and transparent speeches that helped the students to assess their own circumstance and utilize the tools provided to make better decicisions moving forward. As a result they definitely feel that they were born to win!!!

  4. This was truly an amazing event that had a huge impact on the students. Being able to share their stories and receive feedback on how to better cope with life circumstances helped the students to realize that they too can succeed and achieve their goals despite their current circumstance. Thanks again to Logan Wilkes Foundation (Anthony and Tiffany Wilkes) for the love and support that was shown to the students during the event.

  5. A job well done to both Logan Wilkes Foundation & Kennedy Middle School to encourage positive attitudes and fellowship amongst the youth!

  6. Great work Logan Wilkes Foundation for helping youth gain a sense of self and practice their writing skills!

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