The V-Bots of Venetian Hills Tackle Technology

vbot3The V-Bots of Venetian Hills Elementary recently received a sponsorship check in the amount of $1500 from their newest partners, PepsiCo, to fund robotics program development.  The funds were provided in response to a grant designed to increase STEM initiatives at the school.  

The purpose of the Robotics Club is to:
•      INSPIRE students to participate in science and technology.

•      ENGAGE students in playful and meaningful learning.

•      PROVIDE a fun, creative, hands-on learning experience.

•      CHALLENGE students to solve real-world problems using robotics.

 •      TEACH children to experiment and overcome obstacles.

 •      BUILD self-esteem and confidence.

vbot2Last month, the Venetian Hills Robotics Team competed in its first Robotics Competition, and Pepsi Company representatives were on hand to help cheer the team on. The Venetian V-bots competed in four robotics matches, presented a project that would solve a problem senior citizens face, and were interviewed about the core values that guided their team effort.  The team earned points for each match. 

According to fifth grade V-bots, Cameron Fortson and Mohamed Diallo, the team was unsure as to how well their robot, Victor, would perform. To their surprise, the robot completed some of the missions, including grabbing the broken chair from under the table and bringing it back to the base.

“We worked hard and were very close to programming our robot to do all the missions,” they explained.  “This was a fantastic experience because we had an opportunity to talk to other participants from other parts of the Atlanta area.  We thank our partners, PepsiCo, for sponsoring us and helping us have a very wonderful experience at the competition.” 


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