APS Celebrates School Crossing Guard Recognition Week



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How many ways can you say ‘Thank You?’  Every January APS celebrates School Crossing Guard Recognition Week and asks that you say ‘Thank You’ or make handmade thank you cards for the crossing guards assigned to your school.

Approximately 1,000 5-9 year olds are killed in pedestrian crashes every year.   By ensuring that all traffic is stopped before students enter the roadway, crossing guards play a critical role in maintaining a safe walk-zone for pedestrians as they approach and leave our schools.

These professionals are confronted daily by speeding motorists, texting drivers and adults who jeopardize their own safety by jaywalking and ignoring traffic signals. In spite of the hostile pedestrians and motorists they encounter, our crossing guards return to their schools every day—regardless of the weather—to keep our students safe.

APS will celebrate School Crossing Guard Recognition Week from January 21-25 to recognize the dedication, commitment and hard work of crossing guards throughout the district. When you see your school’s crossing guard this week, give an enthusiastic thanks by tooting your car horn, waving, or simply saying ‘Thanks.’  Students can personally deliver their cards or teachers can collect them as a group and deliver them to the main office as the crossing guard arrives.

How will you show your appreciation?

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