Celebrating 100 Days of School in APS!

Tuesday, January 22nd marked the 100th day of school for APS! Many classrooms celebrated the 100th day through various activities involving the number 100.

Ms. Crystal Hicks with her kindergarten students
Ms. Crystal Hicks with her kindergarten students

At Burgess-Peterson Academy, the kindergarten class read the book 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler and The 100th Day of School by Angela Shelf Medearis. Students compared the items they brought to school for their 100th Day Museum to the ones in the book 100th Day Worries. They drew pictures of classmates that they’ve studied with for 100 days, counted how many times they can write their name in 100 seconds, and how many Sight Words they can read in 100 seconds. During math, they counted beads in groups of 10 and created a necklace of 100 beads. They counted Legos out in groups of 10 and created a Lego design using 100 Legos. Students enjoyed these engaging activities and happily ended the day with juice and cupcakes.

Mary Lin Students with their 100th day crowns

Mary Lin Elementary held a mini-assembly and invited students’ parents. The students wore a crown decorated with 100 items of their choice. Each class read 25 words to the school that equaled to 100 words. After the assembly, each class celebrated in their classrooms with cake!

At West Manor Elementary, Kindergarten and First Grade students celebrated the 100th Day of school as they paraded through the hallways and entertained their fellow schoolmates and teachers. Students were decorated in colorful costumes, crazy socks, and the number 100 as they played instruments and sang the words, “100 days of school, 100 days of school…hi-ho the derry-o…100 days of schools.”

For Kindergartners at West Manor, this day also recognized each student’s achievement of counting to the number 100 and recognizing triple digits in mathematics. Students were encouraged to press forward, stay focused, and work hard throughout the remaining 80 days of school. Happy 100 Days APS!

Students at West Manor parade through the halls to celebrate 100 Days.
Students at West Manor parade through the halls to celebrate 100 Days.

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