College and Career Motivation Week

During January 25th to February 1st, schools across our district participated in College and Career Motivation Week. The purpose of the week is to encourage students to focus on success in school as they plan for college. Celebratory and informational activities continued all week in our schools, especially at the middle and high school levels.

South Atlanta High School:

South Atlanta Educational Complex students look over the numerous collegiate and career opportunities present during College and Career Motivation Week.

The South Atlanta Educational Complex hosted over 20 colleges and vocational academies along with United States military branches for their College and Career Awareness Day on January 31, 2013. Students from the School of Law and Social Justice, the School of Computer Animation and Design and the School of Health and Medical Sciences filled the gymnasium at the South Atlanta Educational Complex to gather information about the colleges and professions that were present and prepared to field and answer the students’ questions. It was a great day of career and college awareness and action at South Atlanta High School!

Coan Middle School:

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 4.40.26 PM
Guest speakers share career insight with Coan Middle students

During Career Day at Coan Middle, 30 Junior Achievement guest speakers visited the classrooms covering topics such as college, careers, business opportunities, personal finance, and more. Coan’s faculty members united to show college spirit as they showed off their respective college gear with pride. It was a motivating week for the middle school students as they participated in various career-related events that focused on college and career in conjunction with their future success.

college day
Coan faculty members show college pride for College Day

West Region:

At Young Middle School students participated in meaningful dialogue regarding  educational training, skills needed, occupational outlook and salary ranges for various careers that connect to subjects taught in middle school. Each student completed a college application and learned about the key factors that impact college admission. Career and College Readiness Week at Mays High included College and Career Motivation Speakers, College Acceptance Letter Day, and the week culminated in a mini college/career fair. Over 100 speakers introduced students to careers and life choices that were geared towards success.

A represenative from Georgia State University speaks with 8th grade boys at Brown Middle School.

Brown Middle School promoted the week with college and military speakers, college spirit day, and “Dress as Your Future Career” day.  Students were dressed as doctors, artists, police officers, lawyers, chefs, architects, and much more! At Bunche Middle School teachers and students decorated their classroom doors. The 8th grade hall represented Ivy League Colleges, 7th grade hall represented Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and the 6th grade hall represented local state colleges. It was truly a competition for all to see!

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