National School-Based Health Care Awareness Month


This February, communities across the nation will celebrate National School-Based Health Care Awareness Month. School-based health centers (SBHCs) are redefining health for kids and teens by providing access to mental health services and oral health care, working to prevent obesity, and addressing other issues that affect young people’s lives.

dntalkp1[9]There is an ongoing need to invest in health care for our nation’s young people. Here in Atlanta, Georgia we already have a resource that is providing access to quality health care for our students – the Whitefoord Community Program’s school-based health centers (SBHC) at Whitefoord Elementary and Maynard Jackson High school. But without sustainable funding we could lose access to this vital resource. We at the Whitefoord Community Program urge the President and Congress to look to SBHCs as they work to improve health care outcomes for kids and teens.

drjada2[11]The Whitefoord Community Program’s SBHC’s are two of 1,800 SBHCs across the nation that are providing access to quality, coordinated health care for 1.8 million students. SBHCs are on the front lines tackling the issues that affect young people’s lives, like bullying, drug abuse, violence, and other problem behaviors.

The Whitefoord SBHCs have redefined health for kids and teens here in Atlanta, Georgia by providing quality and affordable primary health care services including dental care, sports physicals and much more. And although we are located at the 2 schools the services are available to students throughout APS.

“So, what can you do to celebrate SBHC month?”

  • Parents– Make an appointment!
  • Students–Tell your friends about us!
  • Principals, Teachers, Coaches– Refer your students to us!
  • School Nurses– Ask Nurses Gardner, Kelly or Dudley about us!
  • Community leaders– Partner with us!
  • Civic leaders–Advocate for us!
  • Everyone- come visit us for an Open House Reception on February 27, 2013!
  • For questions or an appointment call 404-588-0101 or 404-373-5350.


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