Student Spotlight of the Week

Name: Jada MumphreyJada Mumphrey

Grade: 5th Grade

School: M. Agnes Jones Elementary

Jada Mumphrey personifies the “Born for Greatness” creed inspired by the principal at M. Agnes Jones, Mrs. Woolfolk. Jada is an exemplary citizen and student. This soft spoken and kindhearted individual excels in all that she does.

Jada has been a challenge student since kindergarten. Upon entering the Science Fair, she received first place honors for her project. With outstanding effort and fortitude, she has received nothing less than A’s in her core subjects. Jada excels in all that she does and continues to perform in the top percentage of the fifth graders at M. Agnes Jones. Great effort and determination are the factors that drive Jada to meet and greet any challenge that is set before her.

“It is simply a joy to be able to work with Jada,” explains Jada’s teacher, Ms. Robin Holloway. “She is an inspiration to everyone she meets, and I am inspired to be a better teacher simply by her daily examples of quiet giftedness.”

Jada excels in more than academics. Cheerleading and dancing are areas in which she also exceeds. She has been a cheerleader since she was two years old and is presently cheering with the Hapeville Recreation Center. Mastering the art of ballet, tap and jazz is a simple feat for someone as talented as Jada. Dancing is an art that is so near and dear to Jada, and she also dances with the gospel dancers at her church.

It is obvious upon meeting Jada that she is a multitalented individual. However, one of her most outstanding qualities is the humble quiet nature that she exudes as she interacts with others.

Name: Keiara LawsonKLawson_ParksAPSStudentSpotlight020813

Grade: 8th Grade

School: Parks Middle School

Keiara Lawson is an outstanding 8th grade student at Parks Middle School.  Keiara is a member of the Parks Middle School Media and Literacy Club. Keiara attends the Forever Family after school program where she learns to play tennis and receives healthy eating tips through cooking demonstrations.  This motivated her to enter a Sodexho Companies sponsored cooking contest where she had the opportunity to present and prepare an original recipe. Every summer, Keiara attends the Odyssey Program which teaches an advanced curriculum and life skills to the students. The Odyssey Program grants scholarships to students that remain in the program until their high school graduation. Keiara is also active in her community and her church.

Based on her leadership qualities, she was chosen by her peers and Parks Principal Sherri Bennett to take a tour and meet the members of WSBTV news anchor team.  As a member of the gifted program, Keiara has excelled in all content areas and maintained consistency each quarter as a honor roll student.  Keiara wants to attend Yale University and become an obstetrician because she loves working with children and helping people.  She is truly a spotlight student with a bright future.

written by Yashica Green, Media Specialist at Parks Middle School.

Name:  Marissa SalettIMG_1311

Grade:  4th Grade

School: Boyd Elementary

Marissa Salett is a model student at Boyd Elementary.  This 4th grader is eager to learn new information and is the type of student who is always willing to lend a helping hadnd to her peers when they have academic challenges.  She consistently exceeds academic expectations and her pleasant demeanor allows her to get along effortlessly with her fellow classmates.

For fun, Marissa enjoys cooking and gardening.  She is a member of Boyd’s Garden Club, where students are growing and monitoring fresh vegetables, as well as determining the effects of weather on the crops and their growth.

Her unique culinary skills have afforded her the opportunity to be chosen as a finalist in the 2nd Annual Future Chef’s Culinary Competition.  This exciting event, where Marissa will have to prepare a six-inch presentation plate, will take place on March 9, 2013 at B.E.S.T. Academy.  And Marissa’s project on school uniforms won first place at the school’s science fair!

Marissa’s teacher, Jocelyn Daniels, says Marissa can be summed up in one word—“fantastic.”

alexName:  Alex Yang

Grade: Kindergarten

School: Toomer Elementary

Alex Yang is a six-year-old at Toomer Elementary who excels in all subject areas, has artistic talents, and is also bilingual. Alex is able to speak both English and Mandarin. His mother was a Chinese teacher at Toomer last year, and is now teaching at North Atlanta High School. “I am better at English than Mandarin,” Alex says. “I like that I can speak both, but I only speak Mandarin to my mom.”

Alex is very intelligent and gifted, but he also has a dynamic personality. He can be very quiet and reserved at times, and also very energetic and social. Alex’s teacher says that he does not struggle in any subject areas, but excels at everything he does.  His favorite subjects are reading and math and says, “I like math because it has lots of numbers.”  His teacher is also very impressed with his drawings, and says, “Alex stands out as an artist; he loves drawing and he’s very good at it.” His diverse characteristics, intelligence, and capability make him a very unique and special student at Toomer Elementary.

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  1. Kiera is a member of my church. She is sweet young lady! We are very proud of her at our church!!

  2. I wish I could say I’m surprise that Jada Mumphery made Spotlight; however, I’m not. Jada has always been an awesome student. I’m very happy that her hard work has made the “Spotlight”. We are all so proud of our Jada Boo”. She is indeed a blessing to us all.

    Keep up the good work Student Spotlights.

  3. So proud of my granddaughter Jada Mumphery on being the Spot Light Student keep on striving to be the best, Love You my Jada Boo your Granny….

  4. I am so proud of Marissa she is a wonderful student and person to know.. I have known her and her family since kindergarten.. Keep up the good work

  5. Great Job Marissa! We are so proud of you. Thanks for representing Boyd well.

  6. I am so proud of Keiara Lawson. She was a student in my second grade class at T.H. Slater Elementary School. She has always been an excellent student. Keep up the good work.

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