Writing to Success at Carver Early College

CarverEarlyCollege_WritingtoSuccess_011513The juniors of Carver Early College gathered in December for the third annual Writing Test Celebration program. The juniors of Carver Early College boast a 100% pass rate for the third consecutive year. This year, they had an 18% exceed rate which is 7 points higher than the district’s average. Keith Crawford and Chamondrea Lane , junior class president, were the master and mistress of ceremony.

         Reflections from several juniors indicated that reading helped to prepare them for the writing test. They said that one of the key benefits of reading was that it increases vocabulary. The juniors also thanked their teachers for thoroughly preparing them for the writing test by teaching writing skills such as the APS technique. APS is an acronym for considering the audience, purpose and subject when you’re writing. All of the students were presented with medals of honor for their landmark achievement.

Mr. Denene, assistant principal of Carver Early College, congratulated the students. He then admonished them to continue to become better writers because writing is the quintessential skill of the twenty-first century. He said that it was the third skill on a list of nineteen that most employers seek in their prospective employees. He said that in addition to writing being an essential skill, it helps your thinking and creativity. He also stated that although good writing has structure and form, it also allows unlimited creativity.

written by Linda J. Green, Media Specialist, Carver Early College

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