“Morning Motivation” at Kennedy Middle School

mm3For many students their morning routine is essential. The way that they start and begin the first few hours of the morning can usually set the course for the rest of the day. That’s one reason why students at Kennedy Middle School participate in “Morning Motivation”.

After students eat breakfast, they head into the school’s gymnasium where they are greeted with warm and friendly smiles from fellow students, teachers and staff. Once they find their place on the hardwood and everyone is assembled into the gym, they hear the words “Good morning, Kennedy!”mm

The students quickly realize it is time to begin the day.

“Once the students come in, no matter what their perspective is or their feelings are about the day, the morning stretch allows them to loosen up and become energized,” explained Keisha Johnson, Graduation Coach at Kennedy Middle School. “As they hear the word excellence throughout the morning, they are reassured that they too can exhibit excellence in all that they do.”

The students begin the day with the pledge of allegiance and transition into reciting the Kennedy Pledge. This pledge was designed to help motivate and inspire each student as they face the day ahead.

Kennedy Pledge:

I am an intelligent and assertive student. My destiny is in my hands.

When I look in the mirror I see excellence in my eyes. I know I will overcome all obstacles which stand in my way.

The decisions I make today will affect the rest of my life. I will have respect for myself and others. I will also set a good example for my peers.

Education is my ticket to success. If I can say it can be done, I will achieve my goals. I AM a Kennedy Middle School student and I represent EXCELLENCE!

After the students recite the Kennedy Pledge, a teacher or student recites words of wisdom.

“We also encourage our students to present some of their work,” said Mrs. Johnson. “This could include something from their English classes, or maybe a motivational poem.”

Throughout February, in honor of Black History Month, students are learning Black History facts and information about inspiring individuals during the “Morning Motivation”. After the words of wisdom, each student rises up and begins to stretch and exercise before heading to their first period class. As a group, the students complete arm stretches, lunges, run in place, and more. mm2

Many studies show that when students are introduced to an early regimen of exercise they are more focused and prepared to engage in learning. Other noted benefits of exercising in the morning are an improvement in a student’s mood, lower aggression, and an increased attention span.

“The morning motivation encourages me to be a wonderful person, “ says Caleb Bolden, a 7th grader at Kennedy. “This morning routine helps me realize that I can achieve great things and become a successful man.”

At Kennedy, students are motivated each day to learn, achieve, and succeed!

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