Bolton Academy hosts district-wide math competition

imageLast Wednesday student teams from Bethune, Fain, Scott and Parkside elementary schools joined Bolton Academy students for the first annual Math League Competition – an intense and suspenseful contest requiring focus, quick thinking and stellar mathematical skills.  Bolton Academy hosted the event, which included about 90 contestants and a full-house of parent and teacher observers.

The Math League coaches selected their team members based on CRCT math scores, enrollment in gifted classes, and performance on classroom math tests and quizzes. Participants completed a paper exam and faced-off in a round of Jeopardy-style questions.

Competition officials named winners for both components in each grade level, and the school receiving the overall highest score claimed the “overall winner” title.  After tabulating the scores officials awarded the trophy for overall winner to math teacher Cliff Corbett and his Parkside Elementary team.

Here are the results based on the medal count:

  • First Place – Parkside Elementary
  • Second Place – Bolton Academy
  • Third Place – Scott Elementary and Fain Elementary
  • Fourth Place – Bethune

imageBolton Academy teacher and competition organizer Cedric Peeples stated, “The goal of the competition is to promote mathematics and to show students that they can become “pros” in areas other than sports and entertainment.”

As the winner of this year’s Math League Competition, the Parkside team will keep the trophy for one year and relinquish it next year when a new winner is named.

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