Whitefoord is Strong4Life!


Strong4Life, a children’s healthcare of Atlanta movement, hosted a pep rally at Whitefoord Elementary on February 15th. The gymnasium was full of energy and excitement as the host and DJ encouraged students to be strong for life by following the 4 Healthy Habits.

The 4 Healthy Habits include:

1. Drinking Water
2. Eating fruits and vegetables
3. Limiting your screen time
4. Being Active

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 10.01.45 AM

“It’s easy and yummy to be strong for life,” said the Strong4Life host. The pep rally was interactive as a competition was held between three volunteers to see who can fill up their plates with fruits and vegetables the fastest. A wooden scale was used to measure the balance between screen time and activity time. Strong4Life gave away challenge packs, waterbottles, and T-shirts to every student at Whitefoord. They also ended the pep rally by teaching the students the “Gangnam Style” dance routine.

“I learned to be strong for life, and it was really fun,” says Anquandra Burley, 4th grader at Whitefoord. “I am really looking forward to them coming back next year.”

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