The Capture Project at Perkerson Elementary

Perkerson_TCP3muralPerkerson_TCP4_students work with tcp resident artists_on_entryway_mural4The Capture Project is a technology – based education program with a focus on language arts enrichment and social responsibility via the documentary arts. The visual media outreach program developed within The Creatives Project umbrella will also stimulate youth empowerment and community enrichment. The program will be customized to provide Perkerson Elementary School students with tools they’ll need to produce short films highlighting opportunities for growth in their neighborhoods. TCP will work to form partnerships with local neighborhood associations, community development organizations, and area schools to build support and ensure accessibility for residents. The Capture Project’s goal is to use technological integration as a medium to promote social responsibility, professionalism, and team building.

Use of the arts in the classroom, especially programs that are long term and included repeated exposure with the artist on a multi step project achieve the following goals:

• Open the classroom to more communication opportunities.

• Encourage more teacher-student and student-student discussion.

• Share the authority as more resources are brought into the classroom.

• Create opportunities for tasks that are complex and authentic and connected to projects which may be multidisciplinary and long term.

• Give students more opportunities for multiple ways of discovering, creating, and communicating information in various formats and voices.

TCP is currently working with Perkerson Elementary on an art mural in the school. They have created arts education programming around the development of a mural for the youth and staff of the school. Resident artists MAO and Brandon Sadler have worked closely with students to conceptualize and install a large scale mural in the Perkerson entry area to help create a colorful, inspiring, and inviting atmosphere for students, teachers, faculty, staff and visitors.Perkerson_TCP work with tcp resident artists_on_entryway_mural3

Perkerson_TCP2_students work with tcp resident artists_on_entryway_mural2

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