Cascade Welcomes A New Community Partner

cascade partnership photoCascade Elementary School recently partnered with the Paradise Community Development Corporation (PCDC), located in Forest Park, Georgia. The PCDC developed a special interest for Cascade Elementary and has established a community partnership to support the school and students with increasing student achievement.

The Paradise Community Development Corporation is a non-profit organization designed to positively impact the youth and families of Georgia. Through strategic programming that aids in the development of the whole being, the PCDC seeks to foster  renewal & success in the life of every man, woman, and child it encounters within the community.

The newly appointed Principal of Cascade Elementary, Dr. Sylvia R Hall, has implemented a new quest for Cascade Elementary to establish effective community partnerships. According to Dr. Hall, increasingly, it is evident that schools, families, and communities should work closely with one another to meet their mutual goals.

“Schools are located in communities, but often are islands with no bridges to the mainland,” she explained. “Families live in neighborhoods, often with little connection to each other or to the schools their youngsters attend. Neighborhood entities such as agencies, youth groups, and businesses have major stakes in the community.”

Based upon this premise, Cascade Elementary is honored to be a partner with the Paradise Community Development Corporation. The Cascade administration, faculty and staff were privileged to receive such honorable guests and look forward to the benefits of this awesome partnership!

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