Student Spotlight of The Week

Name: Brandon Andersonbrandon

Grade: Kindergarten

School: Bethune Elementary

Brandon Anderson is a well-rounded student who comes to school ready to learn each and every day.  He is self motivated, independent, and is always focused on the learning task, so it comes as no surprise that his teacher absolutely loves having him in class.  His favorite statement is “Learning is fun.” Beyond his classwork,  Brandon has a kind and compassionate spirit that makes everyone smile, and he is always willing to lend a helping hand to others.

According to Jami Pettway, Principal at Bethune Elementary, Brandon is always highly enthusiastic and excited about learning.

“There have been times when his sheer presence has given me a bright ray of sunshine,” she explains. “He is kind and considerate of his peers and strikes me as someone who has a wonderful outlook on life despite his very young age.  I think he is well deserving of this month’s spotlight.”

Brandon is such a dedicated student, that he has earned the privilege to attend Ms. Moore’s first grade reading class and Ms. Horton’s first grade math class.  Reading is one of Brandon’s favorite subjects, and he already aspires to one day become a video game inventor or a physicist. Brandon’s teachers believe this young and bright scholar will achieve anything he sets his mind to!

Name:  Molly CannIMG_2195

School: Warren T. Jackson Elementary School

Grade:  5th

Last year when Molly Cann set out to raise money for diabetes research, most people regarded her mission as noble, thoughtful, and even sweet. But one year later, the fifth-grader has proven that she is more than a cute face and a caring heart.  Molly is a fundraising super-star, and her efforts resulted in a jaw-dropping $50,000 for diabetes research.

And although Molly was excited, she was not completely blown away when she learned the total.  She never gives less than her best, and as a result she has grown quite accustomed to aiming high and finishing big.  Molly was, however, touched to see so many of her peers supporting her efforts to raise money for a cause that is personally significant for her.  Molly has type-1 diabetes.

Molly says her diabetes has helped her become a more responsible, caring and service-oriented person.  She understands what she must do and what she must refrain from doing to prevent any life-threatening situations from occurring, and she realizes how important it is for her to help others.  And as Molly sees it, she also has a responsibility to educate others about her illness.  In fact, a critical part of her fundraiser was providing information about diabetes to her schoolmates during an assembly.

And while living with diabetes is something Molly must acknowledge daily, she does not allow the illness to define her or slow her down.  Not only is she a straight A Challenge student, but she is extremely well balanced and talented.    Molly is gymnast, she plays tennis, sings and even acts.  Her angelic voice landed her a major role in the school’s upcoming musical, and Molly says she loves performing so much that she wants to do it professionally when she grows up.  And if things don’t work out like she plans, she says she doesn’t  mind settling for a career as a doctor.

Jackson’s principal, Dr. Lorraine Reich, says Molly is every teacher’s dream student; she makes excellent grades, she is helpful to her peers and her teachers, and she always goes the extra mile.  And as the fundraising results indicate, when Molly goes the extra mile, everyone wins – BIG.

Name: Ian Smithstudent spotlight

Grade: 4th Grade

School: Parkside Elementary School

Ian excels as a student and a robotics expert at Parkside Elementary School. He has been on the robotics team since second grade, and it has become one of his favorite hobbies. Parkside’s robotics team has won two state championships since he joined, which is the highest achievement for his grade level. “In robotics, we design robots out of mechanical legos that have electricity,” Ian says. “We program the robots to move back and forth and have to complete missions.” Ian’s robotics team includes four students, and they have become best friends through the experience. His dad helps him design the robots and they enjoy working together. “I like building things and making things move,” Ian says. “I have my own robotics kit, and love to put mechanical things together.”

Ian’s favorite subjects are math and science, and he receives As and Bs in all of his classes. In the future, he wants to attend Georgia Institute of Technology and become a mechanical engineer. Ian enjoys being active through sports such as basketball, baseball, and football. He also loves traveling and recently went on a trip to Singapore. He visited his grandparents for three weeks during winter break, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. “I had a lot of fun,” Ian says. “It was really clean and very nice, and made me want to travel more.”

Name: Elonte PorterCarverECEPorter_APSStudentSpotlight031113

Grade: 11th Grade

School: Carver Early College

Elonte Porter is an eleventh grader who is one of Carver Early College’s shining stars. His high grade point average has kept him on the Principal’s list consistently. One of his favorite activities at Carver is the JROTC. He has been a member of the JROTC for three years. When recently competing, his precision and skills were so sharp that he has earned the distinct title of the Brigade Commander of all Commander Service. This is the number one JROTC position within the entire APS district.

Elonte’s career goal is to be an obstetrician/gynecologist with the Army or the Air Force. He says that since the military can be a profession where death often occurs, as an obstetrician, he could regularly handle new life. His college choices include Harvard, Yale, Duke, West Point Military Academy or the Air Force Academy. Elonte is also a member of Carver’s inaugural swim team. He has been swimming for ten years and he eagerly accepted the opportunity to swim competitively. His list of accomplishments continues; he is the assistant Secretary of the SGA. He participated in homecoming activities as Mr. Eleventh Grade for Carver Early College. He participates in the DTLR all-male book club which focuses on literacy and brotherhood. He also receives character development through his membership in The Esquire. The Esquire is an organization that fosters brotherhood, respect for womanhood and career strategies. With such dedication, involvement and scholarship, a very bright future awaits Elonte.

written by Linda J. Green, Media Specialist at Carver Early College

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