Flying High at Continental Colony & West Manor

IMG_0603West Manor and Continental Colony Elementary Schools recently received a donation of “High Flyin’” reading materials and activities for students. The donation was the brainchild of Edgar Lewis, a retired bomber and fighter pilot who served in the Korean and Vietnam wars. It was his dream to have sponsors donate High Flyin’ to schools nationwide.

Mr. Lewis, along with author Zellie Orr, presented the books to the children. Lewis also spoke candidly with the students about his career in aviation. Students at Continental Colony and West Manor learned exciting lessons and information about the pilots and ground crews whose persistence, performance and patriotism transformed the military and, inevitably, impacted the world.IMG_0582

High Flyin’, a product of Legends & Lineage, is comprised of high-end illustrations, engaging activities and the history of the Tuskegee Airmen presented in a chronological time line. The book brings to life the trials and triumphs of America’s first Black military aviators and provides activities that inspire and promote critical thinking and problem solving. The purpose of the book and activities is to encourage reading, promote self-esteem and influence a new generation of youth and scholars to become culturally and ethnically aware. Legends & Lineage, LLC seeks to educate youth through a series of illustrated publications that provide fun-facts and activities, along with historical content that enhances knowledge and promotes self-esteem.

Click here to watch a video of the “High Flyin'” presentation.


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