Thomasville Heights Elementary School celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day!


Saint Patrick’s Day was full of green and learning! Our second grade team started the day with an exciting lesson on fractions using a delicious green cake and cupcakes. By the end of the lesson, students were able to state with confidence what a fraction is, “…equal parts of a whole.”  Our Kindergarten team ended the day with a special “Green Eggs and Ham” event. This event challenged students to listen for and identify rhyming words as they watched a movie on the famous book, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.  After a brief discussion about the movie and rhyming words, students then played learning games and even had the opportunity to eat green eggs!  Two snaps for Thomasville Heights Elementary…. We got it going on!

written by Intiasar Ziyad, Media Specialist at Thomasville Elementary



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