M.A.L.E Workshop at Bethune Elementary

BethuneESThe M.A.L.E (Mentor and Life Education)Workshop is in full swing at Bethune Elementary. During M.A.L.E, 3rd and 4th grade boys meet in small group sessions with  male mentors to discuss important topics.

The purpose of the program, as the name indicates, is for volunteers to serve as mentors and life skills education coaches. The small group sessions allow the mentees and mentors to have conversations about a wide span of hot topics and subjects, while enjoying a healthy breakfast.

In February, the mentees learned about their personal brand and how to present themselves in public. The students learned the importance of a firm handshake and speaking with confidence. The mentors also discussed the importance of looking people in the eyes, being polite, and dressing for success.

The coaches and mentors continue to guide and encourage the students outside of the workshop sessions, as they strive to continually monitor each student’s behavior, academics, and life choices.

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