And the Winner is….Carver Early College Freshman Class

CarverECAfroAmericanTriviaBowlwinners​The winners of the 2013 annual African-American Trivia Bowl at Carver Early College are the freshman class. The bowl is held every year to assess knowledge that students possess of African-American History. It is also used to increase students’ general knowledge of African-American History. Moderator Dr. Thomas Gosha asked questions about African-American achievement in disciplines such as the Arts, Business, Education, Entertainment, History, Politics, Sports, Science and the Military. Students correctly answered questions such as “Who wrote ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God’?” and “What breakthrough medical procedure was performed by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams?” The friendly competition was enjoyed by selected students representing all grade levels. The rest of the student body appreciated learning more about their heritage, too. In the end, the freshman class emerged as this year’s Carver Early College African-American History Trivia Bowl Champions!
written by Linda J. Green, Media Specialist at Carver Early College

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