Crim’s March Madness Workshop

Crim Open Campus High School hosted a March Madness event that offered valuable workshops for male students. The guest speakers presented topics such as project manhood, social etiquette, healthy peer relationships, healthcare, and music production. The students at Crim were inspired by the respectable, successful men from the community who focused on developing positive characteristics and planning for the future.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 1.07.41 PM

Bennie Foster, Founder of S.O.S.:
“The “March Madness” male event was phenomenal and very much needed. I presented from the theme of ‘Project Man-Hood,’ which elaborated on the importance of discovering and planning for ones future and that certain characteristics make a Real Man.”

LaShean Davis, Crim student:
“We learned about life, and how to handle your business as a man in life. The lessons that were taught had my mind cultivated to the point that I will never forget that day.”

Derrick Coleman, Crim student:
“The one thing that I will never forget from the March Madness event is, ‘You think you are a man, but you’re not until you’ve been backed down into a corner and you have to fight your way out- not physically, but mentally.’ I’m really looking forward to this event next year.”

Alvin Davis, Social Worker at Crim:
“Nothing gives me more pleasure than pouring into the young men here at Crim High School. I believe the seeds we plant will eventually grow and produce young men that we can all say have made us extremely proud.”

The March Madness presenters included:

  • Dwain Warren, Diamoncuts Studio’s
  • Skip Smith, Industry Logo Design
  • Bennie Foster, SOS
  • Bobby Price, Georgia State
  • Dr. Kevin Harris, Mercer
  • Dr. Matt Smith, Forest Institute of Psychology
  • Marvin Johnson, Westwood College
  • Domonique Markland, Esq Entertainment Attorney
  • Valerie Underwood, G.E.M.S.
  • Latesha Gray, G.E.M.S.

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