Students, Technology, and Education: The APS Student Technology Advisory Council

The Atlanta Public Schools Instructional Technology Department has developed the Student Technology Advisory Council, or STAC for short.

The purpose of STAC is for the district to gain student perspectives on technology and effective learning in the classroom.  Each student provides their input on current district initiatives and solutions, as well as technology issues that impact them as students. According to Holly Davis, Executive Director of Instructional Technology for APS, the work that her team does directly impacts every student at APS.

“I want to know what they would like to see in their classrooms, and how they learn best,” she explains. “I want to gain the insight of the students, the people we are here to serve.”

STAC consists of student representatives from each APS high school. These students serve as liasons and leaders as they provide information about the use of technology in their schools.

“These students serve as the voice of their campus as we gather input and information,” Davis said. “Each student is nominated by their administators, and they also participate in an application and interview process.”

STAC is the brainchild of North Atlanta High School Senior, John Riley. Riley initially contacted IT about providing his input and perspective on the use of technology in education. From this, STAC was developed, and Riley helped to develop the format and the agenda for the first meeting held in March.

“Even from the first meet meeting, it is clear that each student and school has a unique perspective,” Riley said.  “I think we can be of great value as a thermometer for how technology is translating to the classroom. I also hope that some of our feedback can help change the thermostat.”

 Members of STAC will meet each month during the school year, while also participating in online environments for collaboration opportunities. The next meeting is scheduled for April 2013.

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