Finch visits Cagle’s Family Farm


On Thursday, March 28th first grade students at Finch Elementary traded in their city clothes for country ones.  Students traveled to Canton, Georgia to visit Cagle’s Family Farm. The mighty Finch Eagles had the opportunity to better understand standards they had been introduced to earlier in the year on producers and consumer, animal life cycles and the parts of a plant. The day began with an hour long ride through the city, then suburbs and finally pasture. Students helped feed a variety of farm animals, from potbelly pigs to two-week old calves. They saw how technology had changed in the way we get our food from the farm to the market. At Rosie’s Milking Parlor they participated in a cow milking demonstration; first hand milking and then machine milking. Later, they took a hayride through the farm’s pasture and saw Oak the farm’s boarder collie and herding dog heard the sheep back into their pen.   Students learned about the farm’s winter crops and reviewed the parts of a plant. The trip ended with genuine country entertainment, as the children watched pigs race around a barn for Oreos.  These city kids enjoyed their taste of the country and have already asked for a second helping.

written by Kiza Draut, First Grade Teacher at Finch Elementary



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