Gideons hosts APS Chess Tournament


Gideons Elementary hosted a chess tournament and coaching meet on March 25th. Twenty-nine students from Gideons, Venetian Hills, Peyton Forest and M. Agnes Jones participated. Students from Morehouse, APS staff, Chess Coach Andrew and Mr. Alan Pinado with Kappa Boule of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity were all present, coached and facilitated the chess tournament. When asked about the importance of teaching chess to the students, Mr. Alan Pinado answered, “We do this because there is a correlation between playing tournament level chess and math and science aptitude. Chess students learn patience, thinking in advance, strategic thinking, respect for your opponent, ‘what if’ theory, x and y coordinates, it helps them with their graph and map functions and they learn how to delay gratification. In addition, there is a building of self esteem factor for chess players. Chess players are regarded by others as being smart and guess what? That makes them feel that they are smart. It’s a big self esteem generator and that’s an important part of the program.”

The Morehouse students reflected on their years of playing chess to being important for them in building critical thinking skills, development of spatial learning, learning patience, perception of value, forward thinking skills, exhibiting good sportsmanship and the development of abstract learning. Congratulations to M. Agnes Jones as the overall winning school at the tournament. APS and Gideons thank all the students and facilitators who made the chess tournament a success.


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