Price Middle School’s French program caps a year of learning with a trip to Nancy – Metz, France

PriceFrenchCHP - ATLANTA 012913
Price’s Madame Shamita Johnson teaching French via Skype with College de Haut Penoy’s Madame Deborah Keeton

Atlanta Public Schools is proud to announce that the French program at Price Middle School has been active throughout the school year. The French program at Price has collaborated with The French Consulate of Atlanta, The Carter Center, The Georgia Department of Education’s Global Languages and Initiatives Division, Alliance Francais, Theater du Reve, and The Woodruff Arts Center and has been invited to Nancy – Metz, France to visit their sister school College de Haut Penoy. We at Price Middle School have been a part of France – Atlanta since its inception. Because of our participation with France – Atlanta, Former United States President Jimmy Carter and The Carter Center recognizes Price Middle School students for their acknowledgments and contributions to French cultural and French speaking programs worldwide. According to the Georgia Department of Education, Price is the only middle school in the Atlanta Public School system and the state of Georgia with such an intensive French foreign language sister school program. Madame Shamita Johnson has formed a strong alliance with her French counter part Madame Deborah Keeton as they have taught their class via Skype and Madame Keeton has traveled to Price to meet the Price French students and teach French classes at Price.


Attached is a letter from the Mayor of Ville de Vandoeuvre – lès – Nancy. He is expressing his anticipation and gratitude in welcoming Luther Judson Price Middle School to Ville de Vandoeuvre – lès – Nancy for a ceremony celebrating the partnership between Luther Judson Price Middle School and College de Haut Penoy as well as an official dinner. Price Middle School is organizing an 11 day educational trip to our sister school College de Haut Penoy in Nancy–Metz, France. The departure date is June 7, 2013. The purpose of traveling to France is to further enhance students’ knowledge and skills to become active global citizens of our 21st century society. In addition, it will allow Luther Judson Price Middle School Students to meet their French classmates from College de Haut Penoy and experience going to school in another country. The following video captures Mme. Keeton’s, French instructor at the College de Haut Penoy, visit to Price Middle School along with guests from the Georgia Department of Education Division of Global Languages and Initiatives, Alliance Francaise, the Fulbright Program, the French Consulate of Atlanta and the Atlanta Board of Education:

Here are some additional links on the French language program at Price:  start @ 13:19

Price French trip students
Madame Shamita Johnson and her Price French program students.

Please click here to see more on the planned Price Middle School French trip. We appreciate your support for this inspirational and ambitious endeavor. Thank you so much for your time.

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  1. Wow, a trip to France! What a great language program and fantastic cultural opportunity for our students. Kudos to the students of Price Middle School. Good job for your hard work and positive attitude. Thank you, Madame Johnson and Mr. Christy, for this, yet another point of light in Atlanta Public Schools!

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