Bunche Students Honored in the “Do the Write Thing” Essay Contest


Bunche Middle School is proud to announce that Ishatou Diambo, an 8th grader at Bunche, and Todd McClendon, a 7th grader at Bunche, were selected as finalists in the ‘Do the Write Thing’ Essay Contest. Each year, this anti-violence organization challenges students to express their position on the impact of youth violence on their lives, the causes and effects of youth violence, and ways to prevent youth violence in their communities.

All across America, students are rising to the challenge of doing something to end youth violence. The Do the Write Thing Challenge gives middle school students an opportunity to examine the impact of youth violence on their lives. Through classroom discussions and writings, students communicate what they think should be done to reduce youth violence. In addition, they make personal commitments to do something about this problem. Local community groups promote the program at the grassroots level so that teachers, school administrators, parents, coaches, and young people can bring youth violence into the open, where it can be examined and talked about in a constructive way.

This year, the finalists will be recognized at an annual dinner. If selected as national ambassadors, the students, along with their family and teachers, will be invited to Washington D.C. for a national conference.


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  1. Congratulations to Jamie Panarites as well. We are always excited when schools submit great stories for us to share with the community. Keep the good news coming!

  2. In addition, Bunche Middle School received the award for the greatest participation in the Do the Write Thing Challenge. That is a huge honor that shows the outstanding job that the teachers there do to motivate students to participate and work hard.

    Finally, the award dinner that you mention was held last Friday, May 10 and, indeed, Todd McClendon, from Bunche Middle School, was named the male National Ambassador who will travel to Washington, D.C. The female National Ambassador was Jamie Panarites, an 8th grader at Inman Middle School.

    On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 12:29 PM, Talk Up APS

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