Perkerson – Rialto Center Flamenco Artists in Dual Spanish Immersion Program

The Rialto Center Flamenco Artists paid a visit to the kindergarten, first and second grades at Perkerson Elementary on August 16th! As a part of Perkerson’s Dual Spanish Immersion curriculum, the Rialto Center Flamenco Artists danced to Spanish guitar, sang in Spanish and provided instruction in Spanish for the K through 2nd graders! There was lively and active audience participation and featured students were on stage with jumbo flashcards for Spanish call and response with the Rialto Flamenco Artists.

Perkerson and D.H. Stanton are two of six schools across Georgia to be awarded a $15,000 grant to implement the Georgia Dual Immersion Program. This program supports acquisition of advanced-level skills in world languages and provides students and communities with competitive advantages in an increasingly global economy.  During implementation of these programs, the World Languages and Global Initiatives Unit of the Georgia Department of Education will collaborate with district and school leadership to ensure proper oversight of research-based principles of dual-immersion language development.

APS and Perkerson would like to thank the Rialto Center for its continued partnership with Perkerson and assisting them in Spanish instruction as part of the new Dual Spanish Immersion program at Perkerson Elementary!

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