APS Students Offered Opportunity to “Test Out” of Courses Associated with EOCT

Beginning in the 2013-2014 school year, there is a new opportunity for APS students to receive course credit by demonstrating subject area competency through the End of Course Tests (EOCT).

Based on revised State Board of Education Rule 160-5-1-.15, the opportunity exists for students to “test-out” of any course for which there is an associated EOCT and earn credit for the course through this process.

All public schools in Georgia will now award course credit to students who reach the performance level of Exceeds on an EOCT taken prior to taking the course. For example, a student may attempt the Biology EOCT prior to taking the course. If the student reaches the performance level of Exceeds, the student receives the Biology course credit. A student may test-out of any course that has an associated EOCT. Students may earn no more than three units of credit by demonstrating subject area competency in this fashion.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • The student has never been enrolled in the course.
  • The student must have earned a minimum numerical grade of 80 in a prerequisite course (see below) in the same content area as the selected EOCT.
  • The student must receive recommendations from his/her school counselor AND from his/her teacher for the prerequisite course.
  • The student must receive parent/guardian permission if the student is less than 18 years of age. Students 18 or over and emancipated minor students may complete the permission form themselves.
  • School counselors and advisors will consider the likelihood for a student’s success in future courses that may require knowledge and skills that are inherent within the course. In addition, the student’s post-secondary plans and needs will also be considered. Students should consider whether the Test-Out will meet university requirements. Testing out is not recommended for student athletes who anticipate competing at the collegiate level.  NCAA eligibility rules differ from state and local graduation rules and explicitly prohibit “courses completed through credit-by-exam.”

The ideal candidate to attempt the test-out option is a student who exhibits an exceptional academic record of advanced performance including

  • Scoring well above the “Exceeds” level on an assessment in the same content area (~900+ on the CRCT or ~500+ on an EOCT)
  • Engaging in study of the course content for the selected EOCT outside of school

Prerequisite Courses

Test-Out Course

Prerequisite Course

Test-Out Course

Prerequisite Course

Coordinate Algebra  8th grade mathematics  Analytic Geometry   Coordinate Algebra
9th Grade Literature  8th grade Language Arts  American Literature   10th Grade Literature
Economics  World History  US History   Economics
Biology  8th Grade Science  Physical Science   Chemistry, Earth Systems   or Environmental Science

Awarding Credit

Students who score at the Exceeds level for the Test Out will receive an elective unit of credit, and the score on the EOCT will appear on the student’s transcript. The test-out credit will not be factored into the student’s grade-point average (GPA). The student will still be required to earn four units of credit in each core content area to fulfill the APS graduation requirements. The Test Out option will allow students to pursue higher level courses. For example, if a student meets the requirement and tests out of 9th Grade Literature, the student will still be required to take four high school language arts courses which may include Advanced Placement and/or dual enrollment courses.

Test Administration Guidelines

The opportunity for students to test-out will be offered during specified EOCT mid-month windows. This option is not available during the winter or spring main administrations and only in the specific mid-month windows above. The first EOCT window during which this option becomes available will be the September 2013 mid-month administration. The first window is available for students at 4X4 schools only. Both 4X4 and traditional schedule schools will offer testing in the Spring of 2014.

Students are required to pay a $50 fee for the administration of the EOCT. The $50 fee will be refunded only if the student obtains a score of exceeds on the EOCT assessment for Test Out.

Parents and students can make appointments with their school counselor to learn more.  Additionally, further details may be found at the GaDOE website regarding this topic.


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