Therrell School of Law Students Participate in Educational Summer Travel

Several students at D.M. Therrell School of Law, Government and Public Policy had opportunities to participate in educational summer travel experiences.

This summer SGA students from Therrell School of Law were invited to attend the 2nd phase of the Annual Martin Luther King celebration.  Representative Tyrone Brooks, from the Southwest District of Atlanta, was the host of the MLK celebration and reenactment events. The celebration honored those who were killed by lynching and persecutions that were lawful in the early 1940s.

The students witnessed reenactments of the events to capture the experience and understanding of the tragedies. They also marched along the infamous Moore’s Ford Bridge with hundreds of representatives from the NAACP, SCLC, Rainbow Push, and the Georgia Association of Black Constructors.

images-1 images

Additionally, Melissa Edwards, a teacher at Therrell School of Law along with her student, Michael Brinkley from Therrell’s Class of 2012 have been invited to attend the TJX Company’s Youth Business Institute monthly meeting at the TJX home office in Boston in October.  TJX is known for its TJ Maxx and Marshall’s clothing stores.

The TJX Youth Business Institute is a professional and personal development program that currently operates in fourteen high schools located across the country, teaching high school students job readiness skills and exposing them to career pathways relevant for entry into the retail workforce. YBI has graduated approximately 1,700 high school students and hired approximately 250 program graduates.

TJX will fly Mr. Brinkley & Ms. Edwards to Boston so they can meet with the company’s senior leaders and discuss the impact the Youth Business Institute had on the Therrell School of Law.

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