Washington High School Grad Gives Back

IMG_2181 (1)

Washington High Schoool Alum, Mr. James Dallas, and his wife Celest Dallas, recently donated $3,500 to the Booker T. Washington High School girls’ volleyball & basketball programs, social work program, and the business department.

Mr. Dallas, a 1978 graduate of Washington High, played basketball during his tenure at the school. Throughout his noteworthy professional career, he advanced into several key positions at Georgia-Pacific Corporation, KeyCorp, and Medtronic, Incorporated. He also served several professional and civic boards, including Cool Girls and the City of Atlanta’s Department of Information Technology cabinet.

 Mr. Dallas has taken a special interest in the Lady Bulldogs basketball & volleyball programs.  He stated that he believes in these young ladies and all of the students at Booker T. Washington, and he wants them to have many opportunites for success in their lives and future careers.

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