Cleveland Avenue and Dunbar Students Make Safety a Priority!


Representatives from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office recently visited Cleveland Avenue Elementary and Dunbar Elementary schools to educate students about bicycle and pedestrian safety. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education Program seeks to reduce pedestrian and bicycle injuries and deaths by teaching safety awareness to students and adults.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 5.37.41 PMSheriff’s Office representatives taught Cleveland Avenue third graders how to respond if approached by strangers, and gave the group guidelines for walking on sidewalks.  The students responded by asking countless questions about the best way to respond to a variety scenarios.  Following the safety presentation, the representatives gave reflective safety vests to every student,  which many of them sported as they walked down the hall during afternoon dismissal.

Third graders at Dunbar learned the basics of safely walking and bicycling to school and other destinations during a similar presentation at their school.  To emphasize the importance of wearing protective head gear, the Sheriff’s Office representatives gave the Dunbar students safety helmets to wear when cycling in addition to protective vests.


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