Kennedy students go the extra mile during morning tutorial sessions

020Kennedy Middle School has developed a morning tutorial program to ensure all students are provided with adequate support and resources to exceed their academic goals.

Each morning as students arrive, they are given a grab-and-go breakfast and escorted to their assigned tutorial class for the day. 002 On Mondays and Tuesday students attend math tutorial. Reading tutorials are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and Fridays are designated for club and organization meetings.

“This phase of instruction was devised as a means to support students’ individual needs,” said Keisha Johnson, the graduation coach at Kennedy Middle.   “We utilized data to assess the needs of each student.  The leadership team met on several occasions to devise a plan that would accommodate students accordingly.”

For example, students that excel in both math and reading were placed in an online coordinate algebra tutorial that allows them to dig deeper to reach for higher target goals.

021Faculty and staff are confident that the support will have a positive impact on student performance and academic rigor at Kennedy Middle School.

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