Peyton Forest celebrates fire prevention week

Fire Safety Week Oct 2013 025

Peyton Forest Elementary School recently celebrated Fire Prevention Week.  National Fire Prevention Week, sponsored by The National Fire Protection Association, promotes fire safety and prevention across the country in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

Local firefighters visited the school and spoke with students about the importance of fire safety. Firefighters illustrated what students should do in the event of a fire and demonstrated the different types of protective clothing and equipment firemen use when battling a blaze.

Fire Safety Week Oct 2013 010

“This year we celebrated with Fire Station 25 B-Shift,” said Larissa Harvey, the school counselor at Peyton Forest. “We were so excited, and the staff also participated. “

This year, fire prevention week focused on preventing kitchen fires and spreading the word  that more fires start in the kitchen than in any other part of the home.

Fire Safety Week Oct 2013 058

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