Students promote decimals and girl power at Thomasville Heights

IMG_7822The mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters and grandparents of Thomasville Heights recently attended “Ladies’ Night Out” at Thomasville Heights Elementary School. During “Ladies’ Night Out” women and girls of all ages had the opportunity to spend time together and promote female empowerment throughout the school and community.IMG_7878

During the event, many women were honored for their contributions to society and commitment to youth. The ladies enjoyed engaging conversation, fun fellowship, and a wonderful dinner. Although the event was for ladies, the men and boys of Thomasville Heights volunteered to serve and assist throughout the evening. Thomasville Heights’ “Ladies’ Night Out” was a great success!


Additionally, students at Thomasville Heights are busy exploring the Dewey Decimal System.

Do you remember learning how to use the Dewey Decimal system to locate books in the library? Created by Melvil Dewey in 1876, the system is still being used in more than 200,000 libraries around the globe.

A library assigns a Dewey Decimal number that  locates a particular volume in a position relative to other books in the library. This makes it easy to find any particular book and return it to its proper place on the library shelves.

Fifth grade students at Thomasville Heights Elementary recently learned all about the Classification System in conjunction with their math lesson on decimals.

Watch the video below to see all of the great information and knowledge students acquired during this lesson.

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