North Atlanta unit presents colors at City Hall Veterans’ Day event

The North Atlanta High School color guard represented Atlanta Public Schools (APS) during a Veterans Day program at Atlanta’s City Hall, where the group presented the colors – or flags – for the ceremony.

“It’s just something we enjoy doing – we enjoy being here,” said North Atlanta Battalion Commander Sade Mizell.

The North Atlanta JROTC Color Guard prepares to present the colors before a Veterans Day event at The Atlanta City Hall building.
North Atlanta JROTC Battalion Commander Sade Mizell (right) prepares to present the colors for a Veterans Day event at the Atlanta City Hall building.

The color guard is responsible for presenting and showing respect for the American, Georgia and the JROTC unit flags. It is considered an honor for a color guard unit to be asked to present the colors at an event, and during these special occasions, the color guard is expected to display the utmost military demeanor and pride. The North Atlanta JROTC and all other APS JROTC color guard units can be called upon at anytime to present the colors of the United States at memorials, parades and other special military activities.

Sade said her unit was looking forward to marching in a Veterans Day parade the following Saturday, where they w0uld be graded on their presentation.

“Veterans Day is a day of recognition for the veterans…it’s really a significant event,” she said.

The City Hall event was an occasion for United States veterans – which included a few Tuskegee Airmen – to watch a new generation of color guard in action and mingle with the North Atlanta cadets afterward.

Displaying the American Pride to a group of veterans on Veterans Day will likely be an event the North Atlanta unit will not soon forget, while the unit’s seamless presentation of colors undoubtedly left the City Hall spectators with a sense of pride and respect for the North Atlanta cadets.

Click here to watch the video.

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