Students celebrate Junior Achievement Day at Fickett & Miles

Students at Fickett Elementary and Miles Intermediate recently participated in Junior Achievement (JA) Day. JA Day programming creates an opportunity for area businesses and volunteers to impact the lives of students by spending a day in an elementary school. Business participants serve as role models, sharing experiences and information while leading Junior Achievement programming. Volunteers conduct five hands-on activities that teach students about entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy.

Volunteers from UPS spent the day at Fickett Elementary School speaking with students about important economic concepts that would better prepare them for college and careers. The volunteers discussed and demonstrated skills and concepts that align with the district’s College and Career Ready Performance Index.

“The program this year was outstanding,” said Mary King, the school counselor at Fickett. “The classroom teachers were receptive and engaged, and the UPS volunteers thought all of the students were ready to learn and showed  a lot of excitement about the experience.

The Mays High School JROTC students hosted Junior Achievement Day at Miles Intermediate School. The JROTC students taught lessons to the third, fourth and fifth grade students that inspired and prepared students to own their economic success. The high school students taught third grade students about local businesses, economic development and career opportunities. The fourth grade students enjoyed learning about economic and business resources found in state and regional economies, and the fifth graders focused on studies of national business operations, job skills and economic issues.  The students enjoyed the day of interaction with the JROTC Cadets.

“This was a fun day to learn something new,” Obded Cruz, a 5th grader at Miles.

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