Crim Open Campus Teacher Awarded Grants

Alonzo Crim Open Campus High School’s mathematics teacher, Rodney Finkley, has been awarded the 2014 Innovative Grant from the Georgia Educational Technology Consortium (GaETC) and the 2013-2014 School In-Service Training Grant from Mathematics Education Trust (MET).  Finkley traveled to Indonesia this past summer for Teachers for Global Classrooms Program, and is proposing to use the Innovative Grant to purchase electronic tablets for students at Crim to communicate with students from Indonesia and other countries.

screen-shot-2013-05-07-at-4-23-14-pm“I am still just laying down the foundation and infrastructure for what I hope to one day become a series of organic lessons. If you are truly organic in your teaching style, then ideas must be planted, nurtured, and constantly tended before the harvest.  I plan to be able to show what the children have done by the spring,” he said.

Finkley was one of four winners out of 92 applicants for the 2014 Innovative Grant, and was publically recognized at the Georgia Educational Technology Consortium.

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