Students and teachers at Bunche & Kimberly receive instructional tools from

Teachers and students at Bunche Middle School and Kimberly Elementary recently received classroom and instructional tools through is an online charity that makes it easy to help students in need through school donations. Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on the DonorsChoose site, and people or organizations are able to donate any amount to the projects of their choice.

When a project reaches its funding goal, DonorsChoose ships the materials to the school.

“It is really that easy,” Mrs. Saunders, a teacher at L.O. Kimberly, explained.  “I heard about the website, attempted to begin a project, and I never followed through with it.  We have a partner from Horace-Mann who kept talking about  She came in and showed us step-by-step how simple it is to post a project, so I finally did.”

Soon after a group of teachers at L.O. Kimberly were introduced to, one teacher, Ms. Bryant, posted a project.  One week later, her project was fully funded.  She received audio books for her fifth grade class to read.

“I was so excited when my project was funded,” Ms. Bryant said.  “I immediately posted another project and my second project was funded within days.”

In just one month, L.O. Kimberly had four projects funded.

“I am so glad our teachers are tapping into this resource to provide additional funding for materials they are requesting,” said Principal Salley.  “The truth of the matter is that there just isn’t enough money to purchase all of the requests of the teachers.  We have a great staff at L.O. Kimberly who is willing to give 110 percent to ensure the success of our students.”

Students and teachers at Bunche Middle School are also benefitting from funded projects and supplies. Mr. Hall, the music teacher at Bunche, recently received funding for his “Time to Swing” project. The items he received from his wish list will aid Bunche’s band program by providing complete instrumentation for the school’s jazz ensemble. Students who desire to play bass guitar or the drums can now make their dream a reality. According to Mr. Hall, these items will advance and diversify the level of instruction he is able to deliver to students, enhancing their educational and life experiences.

by Sharise Darby, APS Office of Communications and External Affairs

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