APS Board of Education approves 2014-2015 student and staff calendars

The APS Board of Education unanimously approved the superintendent’s recommendation for the district’s 2014-2015 student and staff calendars during their January legislative meeting.  The calendar development process for 2014-2015 included feedback from a representative district-wide calendar committee and a community-wide survey with approximately 2,000 respondents. The survey indicated that 58.3 percent of respondents preferred the calendar option that was approved.

The new calendar features a start date on the first Monday in August and three-day October and February breaks. After further study, the superintendent plans to bring calendars for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years for the board’s consideration in March.

With this approval, the board also discontinued the year round school calendar. This action will affect Boyd and Hutchinson Elementary Schools. The district has been exploring the benefits of consolidating the school calendars for 18 months, and the 2013 survey data revealed that respondents from the Boyd and Hutchinson communities were not in favor of continuing with the year round model, on average. Centennial Place Elementary School has also been on the year round calendar, and, as a conversion charter school, has the ability to choose its own school calendar.

Spring break during the 2014-2015 school year will take place April 6, 2014 through April  10, 2014.

View the 2014-2015 Student Calendar:

View the 2014-2015 Staff Calendar: 

View the Calendar Survey Results:


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  1. 55% of parents/students preferred the option that was NOT chosen. Why are employees, most of whom don’t even live in the City, given so much influence? The staff works for the parents/taxpayer. I have no problem soliciting their input, but ultimately it should be tazpayers/parents who have final say.

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