2014 EOCT Online Retest Dates

Due to the inclement weather, the February 2014 EOCT online administration for the Retest and Mid-Month will occur simultaneously according to the schedule below:

Session 1 – Morning:  EOCT Online Retest – EOCT Winter 2013/January-March 2014 Retest

Tuesday, February 18th                         Economics and U.S. History

Wednesday, February 19th                   Biology and Physical Science

Thursday, February 20th                       Coordinate Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Math II

Friday, February 21st                             Make up session for all Retest subject areas

Session 2 – Afternoon:  EOCT Online Mid-Month – EOCT Spring 2014 Mid-Month

Tuesday, February 18th                        9th Grade Literature and American Literature

Wednesday, February 19th                   Economics and U.S. History

Thursday, February 20th                       Biology and Physical Science

Friday, February 21st                             Coordinate Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Math II

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